Experiments Atomic and Molecular systems, including cold atoms in optical lattices, polar molecules, Rydberg arrays, trapped ions, and atoms in cavities, provide new ways to explore and understand interacting quantum systems far from equilibrium. These systems are all well-understood microscopically (with single-particle dynamics and interactions derived from first principles under well-controlled approximations), and all of their parameters can be controlled time-dependently on scales relevant for the dynamics.

This gives us an opportunity to explore fundamental aspects, especially including correlation spreading, entanglement growth, and information scrambling. In our group we combine analytical techniques with state-of-the art numerical methods based around tensor networks to gain new understanding in this area, and to set a roadmap for work in the laboratory. We have ongoing collaborations with the experimental teams in the Experimental Quantum Optics and Photonics group within the department (including teams led by Elmar Haller, Stefan Kuhr, and Jonathan Pritchard). We also have international collaborations including with groups at Stanford, MIT, Innsbruck, and Heidelberg.


Recent publications:

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