Senior Lecturer

Department of Physics,
University of Strathclyde,
107 Rottenrow,
Glasgow, G4 0NG, Scotland, U.K.

Telephone: +44 141 548 2325


At present my research activities are in three main areas of computational and theoretical nanoscience: Understanding optical and electron microscopy on the nanoscale; Developing and applying semi-empirical quantum mechanical modelling tools in quantum chemistry and condensed matter physics; Multiscale materials modelling of crystal growth and phase transitions. I am teaching final year courses in computational and complex physics, advanced solid state physics and nanoscience.

The large scale materials science and quantum-chemistry package I co-develop ( DFTB+ ) is commercially licensed to companies including BIOVIA.

Expertise & Capabilities: Theoretical solid state and condensed matter physics, Quantum chemstry and computational chemistry, Machine learning for image analysis and computational chemistry, High performance and accuracy, Nano-Photonics and Plasmonics, Large scale density functional and density functional-based methods, Joint developer of commercialised materials science / quantum chemistry software, Extensive experience with large scale parallel computational systems – developed TIER 0 ready multi-thousand compute core codes.

Research Interests